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Across the country, CR Metal Products has become an essential part of the manufacturing infrastructure for the companies we serve. 

We focus on making your metal components so you don’t have to.

We agree that speed, efficiency, and accuracy are critical, but at CR Metal Products, we are focused on doing whatever it takes to help meet your customer’s needs. Most of our customers want to dedicate their time and financial capital to aspects of their business other than making metal components, which is where we come in. More than 125 highly trained and motivated manufacturing professionals utilize millions of dollars worth of equipment to tackle your metal-sourcing problems head-on.

Careers at CR Metal Products
Talented employees are the foundation of our organization. Our infrastructure and equipment are important, but our team makes everything happen. Explore our open positions and see what a career with CR Metal Products can offer.

Let’s Collaborate

Work alongside CR Metal Products so you can stop worrying and start fueling the growth of your brand and your business.