Sheet Metal Forming

Reduce Lead Times and Diminish Costs with Our Metal Forming Services

When you need high-quality sheet metal forming services, turn to CR Metal Products. The combination of our extremely precise equipment and highly talented workforce makes us a leader in precision bending and forming. Learn more about our sheet metal forming services below or reach out to our team with questions.

Benefits of Our Sheet Metal Forming Services

Reduce Lead Times

Our wide range of equipment and dedicated, experienced team allows us to reduce lead times and get your product to market faster.

Diminish Costs

When you reduce lead times on your metal forming services, you’ll also benefit from diminished costs.

Accurate Parts, Every Time

Our experienced team delivers accurate parts, ensuring a smooth transition into your operation.

Our Bending and Forming Equipment

Our facility houses large press brakes with capacities ranging from 230 tons and 12 feet in length. We also have smaller, precise machines to handle a full range of products. All of our press brakes are equipped with computer controls and back gauging that guarantees an unmatched level of excellence and versatility.

We maintain a RAS multibend center, Servo Electric press brakes, and a variety of CNC hydraulic machines to provide up to eight axes for high-precision, volume, and material mix. Our focus on this combination of machine technology allows us to form the most accurate, high-quality products possible.

Work with CR Metal Products for Your Sheet Metal Forming Needs

When you need the best sheet metal forming services, turn to CR Metal Products. Since our inception in 1946, we’ve honed our processes, ensuring high-quality products and the best customer service, every time. We also maintain a variety of industry certifications to hold us to high standards. Our ISO 9001:2015 and ERP accreditations ensure we can meet your exact specifications. Additionally, our electronic data interchange (EDI) system ensures smooth communication between our organization and yours.

Let’s Make Something Great Together

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