With our robust capabilities, we’re able to service a wide range of industries.

For over 75 years, CR Metal Products has been offering metal fabrication services to a wide variety of industries. With both our metal fabrication capabilities and our finishing capabilities, we can provide quality services to various industries to get your product from start to finish. From laser cutting and sheet metal forming to assembly and powder coating, our team of experienced professionals can provide you with high-quality metal products that are meant to last. Learn more about the industries we serve below or contact our team to see how we can help you. 


From tractor parts to fence repairing applications, our metal fabrication and finishing services produce durable metal products, capable of withstanding the harshest weather conditions and round-the-clock usage.  

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Any commercial construction operation needs to have reliable, durable, and safe steel and metal equipment. Our team is experienced with hot- and cold-rolled steel, aluminum, and galvanized and galvannealed steel, allowing them to produce dependable tooling, materials, and equipment for all construction jobs.   

Building Products 

Metal applications are used in the production of heating and ventilation systems, lighting, plumbing, and more. Our state-of-the-art equipment and numerous capabilities allow our team to come up with the best solutions for your needs. 

Renewable Energy

With sustainable efforts becoming more and more important, the demand for renewable energy is skyrocketing. Metal fabrication is essential to producing high-quality, durable renewable energy applications that can withstand the brutal conditions of nature.  


Mining requires a lot out of its equipment. From harsh conditions to needing a wide range of tools, mining leans heavily on steel for their vehicles, machinery, tools, infrastructure, and equipment. The durability of steel provides safety to mining professionals while keeping costs low.  

Our Four-Step Process Ensures Customer Success Regardless of Industry

Our engineers work directly with you to make any necessary design adjustments to ensure the feasibility and success of the product. Once the design is complete, we send you an easy-to-understand estimate so you know exactly what the cost of manufacturing will be. After the design and cost are agreed upon, you will receive an Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) document, which outlines our process to produce the best part for your specific operation. Finally, when everyone is on the same page, we will start production on your product in full force.  

What Sets CR Metal Products Apart? 

Since 1946, we have been dedicated to providing the highest quality products for our consumers. Between our experience, our wide range of capabilities, and our unmatched customer service, we have been able to produce metal-fabricated products that our consumers love and we are proud to put our name on. Our updated facilities provide us with state-of-the-art equipment and over 130,000 square feet and maintain ISO 9001:2015, ERP, and EDI accreditations, allowing us to take on complex projects and give our customers the best experience possible.  

Innovation Starts with Custom Metal Fabrication, Get Started Today

Whenever the best time is for you, we will provide you and your industry with durable, sustainable, quality metal fabricated products. Contact our team today.