Powder Coating

All of our services occur under one roof, and our five stage process for powder coating guarantees the best product possible. Our century’s worth of finishing expertise ensures great results.

Total control from start to finish.

Our five stage process starts with the conveyor, a 725 foot, super clean inverted track designed with the least number of curves and hills to minimize dirt and actual wear on the conveyor chain. There is a full view of all aspects of the coating process from loading, washing and coating to baking, speed control, unloading, and packaging. Your product then moves to our six-stage washer process plus halo rinse. Our newly implemented green initiative recaptures the heat from the cure oven and channels back to the washer process to reheat the water to its necessary 100 degrees.

Your product then moves to our 16 foot long, one-pass parts dryer, where exhaust gasses form the burners are used by drawing them through a fan and directing them onto the parts as they enter the dry off section. Each of our 10’ x 14’ staggered powder booths is its own room, keeping the plant dust free, and CR uses electrostatic guns to apply the powder to your product. Finally, the cure oven is divided into two heating zones, each zone controlled separately to adjust the heat range of texture finishes such as wrinkle paint. Our powder coating process truly creates a “single source solution” for the benefit of current and future customers alike.

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